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What sets us apart from other Swiss Private Banks is the fact that we have our roots in the Arabian Gulf. Thus, we understand the social, economic and financial circumstances and prerequisites of our clients and can put them in context. We care for you and your family.

Our focused structure and independence allow us to remain very close to our clients and their needs. Each and every relationship is special to us. That is why we take a step beyond the mere financial relationship – without ever compromising privacy. This is what enables us to satisfy your needs both present and future, and what makes NBK Banque Privée a truly caring and unique lifelong partner.

Switzerland’s economic and political stability as well as its world renowned banking tradition are just two of the exclusive benefits NBK Banque Privée can offer. Domiciled in Geneva, we ensure our clients the safety, confidentiality and privacy offered by Switzerland’s ideal private banking environment.

As an independent Swiss Private Bank, we are supervised by the Swiss Federal Banking Commission and adhere to its regulations. Consequently, our clients enjoy the full protection of Swiss banking law – one of the most comprehensive when it comes to preserving privacy.

At NBK Banque Privée, we take great pride in focusing our expertise and experience on the long-term support of our valued clients and their assets. We see wealth management as a comprehensive and ever evolving array of exclusive services.

Our open architecture and independence from any group allow us to give objective advice and develop truly personalized solutions. Using only Best-of-Breed managers with outstanding expertise in all markets, the latest research and information from the world’s leading firms and the best financial instruments available, we work toward the goal of preserving and growing your wealth.

As an independent Swiss Private Bank, NBK Banque Privée provides banking and investment services to individuals and institutions from the GCC (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates). You and your particular needs continually shape and define the form and scope of our services.

Whether you require classical asset management services or seek advice in economic, financial or tax matters, our objective is to ensure that even the most demanding requirements are met. We also support our clients with equal professionalism and dedication in matters of inheritance and succession.

We understand the complexity of financial matters and develop personalized and beautifully simple solutions. This is our way of respecting your trust.

We have been domiciled in Geneva for more than thirty years, because Switzerland offers the very backdrop we and our clients demand: stability, safety, high standards of service and financial expertise.

Established in 1984, NBK Finance S.A. made a name for itself as a financial services provider dedicated to skillfully managing assets of high net worth individuals. In 1999, our company was granted the Swiss Banking license and thus became a full-fledged Swiss Bank operating under the name of National Bank of Kuwait (Suisse) S.A.

In 2006, the Bank changed its name to NBK Banque Privée Suisse S.A. to clearly reflect its Swiss identity and exclusive private banking services.

We look forward to building a lasting relationship based on mutual trust with every one of our clients and their families.

Our carefully selected and long-serving staff ensure the continuity of this philosophy – not only with their expertise, but also with their integrity and commitment.

About NBK Banque Privée (Suisse) S.A.